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School Escola Secundária de Rio Tinto, Gondomar
Number of Students: 50
School year:  10º e 11º
Field: Humanities
Date: 20-1-2023
Researchers Cristiano Gianolla, Manuel João Cruz

Political behaviour in the light of emotions, between myth and populism

In order to articulate the students’ discussion and reflection on the mythological narratives that circulate in Portuguese society and that are mobilized by political parties, we employed electronic instruments, performance dynamics and group activities. Through these interactive activities, students discussed how different political parties and voters appropriate, reproduce, or resist political-cultural myths in Portugal – in relation to emotions and populism.


The topics of the session – political behaviour, emotions, myths and populism – were addressed in a critical, reflective and open way, to allow understanding and discussion of the social representations that circulate in Portugal and how they influence political behaviour.